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ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
Expertise Register


The Expertise Register is a directory of taxonomic resources - people and institutions - for the Southeast Asia region. The Register supports the role of the ASEAN Regional Diagnostic Network (ARDN) in providing identification and diagnostic services of pests and diseases of plants of agricultural importance. The ARDN network comprise of experts both within and outside the Southeast Asia region.

The experts listed in the register had benefitted from a series of training and capacity building workshops organised as part of ARDN's framework for enhancing national and regional diagnostic capacity, by building diagnostic skills among ASEAN professionals and developing practical, diagnostic tools relevant to the ASEAN region. Through these capacity building activities, experts gained additional knowledge on plant pests and diseases to add to their core expertise.
The register lists experts' core discipline, skillsets, specilalisation in crops / pest and diseases, expertise level, availability to contribute, contact details and the institutes that they belong to.
  • Search for experts
  • Export batches
  • Status on expert availability
  • Expert skills, expertise level, pest & disease and crop specialisation
  • Resources on Institutes

To access the Expert Register, please login here.

Country login

The Expert Register is accessed by the respective country focal points through a password protected section of the website. This will grant countries access to experts resident in their own countries.

Upon login, the list of experts and related institutions will appear on the landing page. There is a search function to look for experts, export batch tool to output the list of experts in Excel format and links from experts and institutions for a more detailed look at each record.

ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
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