ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
Final Project Meeting
Date: 26th Feb 2016
The JAIF Final Project Meeting was held on 26th February 2016 at the Everly Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia with the following objectives:
  • To present the summary of all project activities to the Meeting
  • To finalize in detail the contents of the final project report
  • To discuss and finalize the Monitoring and Evaluation report
  • To brief, discuss and follow-up on the Phase 2 of the JAIF project
  • In conjunction with the Final Project Meeting, convene an ASEANET Board Meeting to discuss and decide on the future status of ASEANET (and APHCN) and its sustainability.
The meeting was attended by 15 participants which comprised of NPPO representatives and ASEANET Board members of 9 (nine) ASEAN member states, i.e. Brunei Darussalam (2), Cambodia (1), Laos (1), Malaysia (4), Myanmar (1), Indonesia (1), Singapore (1), Thailand (1) and Vietnam (1) and from APHCN-ASEANET (2).

The participation of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar were possible with funding support from ASEANET. Unfortunately, due to government administrative constraints, approval for the nominated person could not be processed in time for the participant from the Philippines to attend the meeting.

Project Completion Report (PCR)

The Project Completion Report for Phase 1 has been submitted to ASEAN Secretariat for comments and approval on 31st March 2019.

ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
ASEANET - The ASEAN Network on Taxonomy
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